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Are you looking for a suitable one? Sticker for your car? Do you want to decorate your skateboard, snowboard, bike, notebook or anything else stylishly? Should a piece of furniture or even a wall at home with one Sticker Bomb Pack become an artful one-off? Are you a collector or do you want to start collecting and are you looking for rare vintage and old school items? Sticker?
Do you want one Sticker Have a shop with constantly fresh supplies that only offers originals without fakes or homemade cheap copies?
Do you want to be regularly informed about all fields of the Stickerculture and activities of Hatch in a comprehensive blog?
Do you always want to have the opportunity to look at new photo impressions of the Sticker dive into the universe?
Are you planning one? Sticker exhibition, do you need inspiration or all-round support with the design and perhaps also the distribution of your Sticker?
Or do you want your own Sticker open a museum?

If one, several or all of the questions fit, this is the best possible place for you to find your sticky luck!

Hatch is the world's first and only museum for Stickerart and culture based in Berlin Friedrichshain, a uniquely large shop with more than 1300 Sticker from different areas to choose from, mainly skateboard, streetwear and Street Art, a diverse blog with regular news from all relevant Sticker Themes, a huge and constantly growing photo gallery, a business department that enables corporate customers as well as private individuals to get to know the topic professionally Sticker exhibitions, collage projects, Sticker design and Sticker artist mediation advice.

How Hatch became ...

The idea for the whole project came about in 2007, on the one hand from the realization that the Stickerculture had grown enormously through various events, books and social media and, on the other hand, around it all Stickercollect and Sticker to make it as easy as possible for those searching with today's possibilities, always to new as well as old Sticker-Get designs! Fortunately, there was no place in the world that was permanently concerned with the care and preservation of the StickerArt was taken care of and there was no shop with such a diverse selection Stickern offered.

I collect Sticker since 1983, started in the classic way with a shoe box and as the collection grew, it was gradually sorted into individual areas. Luckily, I've worked my whole life in the streetwear and skateboard industry and have held all positions from normal salesman to managing director to skate shop owner to marketing manager, I've always had the opportunity to do many brilliant ones Sticker to be able to collect and make numerous contacts.

Hatch has now existed since 2008 and thanks to the fantastic support from artists, brands and customers, the exhibition and the shop have been able to grow and prosper constantly!
Would I be more than happy if we continued on this great path together ?!

Everything for all of us to enjoy gluing!