The basic idea of ​​OVERSIZED & UNDERPRICED is simple: great art for little money!

At irregular intervals, something from our everyday life that already surrounds us sticky, gets scanned and overworked as necessary so that it can serve as a template for great art.
From this file oversized stickers are produced. These are sent to national and international artists and the great talented and versatile crew designs the template - generously for free - in his own individual style and desire.

Then we celebrate the whole thing with a big exhibition bash, sometimes even with another bash in another city, and sell the handmade, unique pieces, in proportion to the value of them, for a small, social price.
This makes it possible that even art lovers with a small budget can get their hands on brilliant art works!

After all the rounds of OVERSIZED & UNDERPRICED in recent years were great successes and achieved fantastic donation results, new rounds of this unique charity exhibition form will follow for sure.
By the way, a part of the profit is always donated to a social institution and the other part is used for the preservation of the Sticker Museum.
So when you buy, you are not only doing something good for yourself...
If there are still unsold pieces, you can find them in the Shop under 'Specials & Uniques'.