Since April 2008 the Sticker Museum has been giving the medium Sticker the platform it deserves!
The exhibition features about 6000 stickers from a collection of around 30000 stickers. Divided into an area for street art and a department for commercial stickers which presents Skateboard Hardware, Snowboard, X-Sports, Skate and Streetwear, Skate Shoes and Sneakers, Music, Magazines and Shops.

Political stickers, which of course are also collected with passion, are regularly shown in a separate exhibition in order to keep the Museum largely politically neutral. The neutrality also concerns the curating of the presented exhibits as every artist who donates stickers will also be shown in the exhibition. The philosophy is to run the Museum as a public space for all, as the streets of the world are, where the viewer can freely decide, what he likes and he is not influenced by the individual taste of someone!

The Sticker Museum is a One Man Show, made with love, passion and often tight budget without support of the city, of culture funds or grants. Nevertheless, as long as it's possible, the entry will be free and the Museum an open place for anyone interested, curious or addicted to Sticker Art. As a welcome you receive an exclusive only in the Museum available limited "Entry Sticker" and questions, suggestions or criticism are welcome at any time!
If you like the place of course I will be happy for donations, recommendations or other types of support...

The opening times are so limited due to the One Man Show situation mentioned above, but the rest of the week must be used intensively for the Shop, the Museum and Collection administration and everything around it. Therefore I'm almost daily there and if something is urgent, you can also partly try to arrange a visit outside of the opening hours.

Hopefully till soon personally or in any other way of contact...