Since April 2008, the Sticker Museum has given the Sticker theme the platform it deserves!

By summer 2023, around 6000 stickers from a total collection of around 30000 stickers were presented in the exhibition. Divided into a street art section and a commercial section presenting skateboard hardware, snowboard, x-sports, skate and streetwear, skate shoes, sneakers, music, magazine and store stickers.

After more than 15 years at three different locations in Berlin, this worldwide unique collection full of highlights from more than 30 years of sticker culture is now set to go out into the world to reach more interested people and continue to establish this great form of art, advertising and communication.

From fall 2023, the Sticker Museum in Berlin will exist as Sticker Museum Studio and show around 2000 sticker highlights from the double collection as a permanent exhibition.

Political stickers, which are also actively collected, are regularly shown in separate exhibitions to keep the museum as politically neutral as possible.

The Sticker Museum is a one-man show, made with a lot of love, passion and sometimes a very limited budget as it receives no support from the city, cultural funds or sponsorship. Nevertheless, the entrance is free and the museum is an open place for anyone who is interested, curious or addicted to stickers. As a welcome, you will receive an exclusive limited-edition "entrance sticker" that is only available in the museum and questions, suggestions or criticism are always welcome!
If you like it, we are of course happy to receive donations, recommendations or other forms of support.

The opening hours are unfortunately limited due to the one-man-show situation mentioned above, as the rest of the week has to be used intensively for the shop, collection management, exhibition projects, administration and everything else that goes with it, and in order not to make the museum budget even smaller, the museum director also works part-time on the side.
But if there is something urgent, you are welcome to try to arrange a visit outside opening hours.

See you soon in live or in any other kind of contact...