The entire collection of the Sticker Museum currently contains about 30.000 stickers and fortunately continues to grow through the regular donations of artists from all over the world and the constant hunt for new pieces by the Museum maker. The archive is divided into the following categories: Skateboard Hardware, Around Skateboard (Skateparks, Skate Contests, Skateboard Books, Exhibitions, etc.), Snowboard, X-Sports, Skateboard Clothing, Streetwear, Fashion, Skate Shoes, Sneaker, Shops, Magazines, Music, Politics, Mixed and Street Art. 

The Skateboard Hardware and Around Skateboard departments include stickers from the 70s till today and Snowboarding and X-sports from the 90s to the present day.

Skateboard Clothing, Streetwear, Skate Shoes and Sneakers are filled with stickers from the 80s until today. The Fashion box is quite small and starts with stickers from the 90s.

The themes Shops, Magazines and Music start with the 90s until today and the Political subject shines with stickers from the 70s until today.

In the box for the Mix Sticker specials from the 60s to today are archived.

Finally the Politic collection which is equipped with stickers from the 70s to today and the biggest part of the collection, the Street Art Sticker start in the 90s till today.

Due to the size of the Sticker Collection, the Exhibition in the Museum focuses on the most relevant areas of the Sticker Culture. The biggest parts are Street Art, Skateboard Hardware, Snowboard, Skateboard Clothing and Streetwear, Skate Shoes and Sneakers. Shops, Magazines and Music are presented in a smaller form.

Hatch is happy and thankful about any kind of sticker donation but generally does not buy collections!

But feel free to contact me anytime if you think you own something very special or interesting for the Sticker Museum or the Shop.